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HOPE Academy: An Inner-City Program for Gifted Children

Does Your Child or Grandchild . . .
Make up stories, invent things?
Seem to be in constant motion?
Use lots of big words?
Remember everything?

Parents are often the first to recognize that their child is "really smart" and different from other children. HOPE Academy's mission is to help families of all cultures, backgrounds, and incomes receive equal opportunities to develop their children's special gifts.

What Does "Gifted" Mean?
Knowing your child is different may seem scary. In fact, gifted children who are not given chances to develop their abilities may show negative behaviors, such as constant daydreaming, challenging authority and being disruptive.

But giftedness also means that your child has exceptional potential and, if given the proper education, can achieve great things.

How Can Hope Help?
HOPE Academy for Gifted Children has studied the development of gifted children for decades. We use special tools to help identify gifted children as young as three years old. We know that the earlier gifted kids are identified, the sooner we can help them reach their potential.

The HOPE Academy program provides a challenging, rewarding and nurturing environment for gifted kids, where they learn at their own pace.

Our Programs Include:
a 4-M curriculum: multiple intelligence, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-discipline
reading, computer & math skills
summer math & science camp
language arts
physical education
community resources
creative arts

We Can Help By:
providing financial assistance to deserving families
offering your child a challenging curriculum
creating an environment where gifted kids will develop skills and abilities
using multicultural and multilingual materials
encouraging family and community involvement
applying appropriate teaching styles

Approximately 80% of HOPE Academy students have graduated to other gifted programs in private and public schools.
Nearly 90% of parents who suspect their child may be gifted are right!
Gifted children, like all kids, need the right environment to develop their skills

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